Vivian Cardigan

According to the Ravelry page I created for it, I started knitting my Vivian Cardigan just before Christmas a year ago. I’m pleased to say that I’ve managed to complete it less than a year after I started, darning in the final ends this morning. What do you think?

Vivian Cardigan

Vivian Cardigan

This cardigan represents a lot of firsts for me. It’s my first attempt at cabling, my first time putting a zip into knitwear, my first hood and the first time for two new stitches – seed stitch and kitchener stitch. Overall I’m really pleased with how it turned out. I’m notorious for knitting and crocheting too tightly and ending up with something smaller than it should be, so it was something of a relief that this came out right. Especially as the yarn wasn’t cheap. It’s Adriafil Mistero which is 53% Merino wool and hence very warm and snuggly. I have a feeling that if it weren’t for all the cabling it would have knit up quite quickly.


The cabling. Ah, yes, the cabling. There was certainly a lot of it! I can’t decide if I absolutely love making cables or if they’re evil beasty things to be avoided at all costs. I think it’s the amount of time they take that I don’t like. The final result, when we eventually got there, I love. I have my eye on a couple of other cabley projects, although I don’t imagine they’ll be the next things I make!

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  • J says:

    Such a beautiful sweater!! I love the design and the colours are lovely! I am very determined to learn to knit this winter, I really want to be able to make beautiful sweaters like this one, well done!

    - J

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