My New Favourite Knitting Book

The weekend before last we went to see my parents. While we were there, my nan came round, and she gave me a present. She runs a lot of charity sales and sometimes, when someone donates something interesting that she thinks one of her grandchildren might like, she puts it aside for them and either she or we make a contribution to the cause she’s raising money for. In this case, someone had given her an old book that she thought I might like. And she was so right, I love this:

Knitting Book

It’s an encyclopaedia of knitting. It doesn’t have lots of patterns in (although it does have basic layouts for simple garment designs that you can use as starting points). What it does have is lots of different knitting techniques – different stitches and methods of making designs.



I don’t have that many craft books – I guess I’m a product of my age, and because it’s so easy to get patterns and tutorials online, I don’t tend to feel the need to buy physical books with them in. But this is an absolute mine of inspirations and ideas, of tips and techniques that I can already start to see how I might use. It’s not a book to read from cover to cover, but definitely one to dip into now and again when I want to be a bit more creative than just following a completely finished pattern.



I’m now on the lookout for something similar for crochet, as, to be honest, I tend to crochet more than knit. Although, now I have so much inspiration, I suspect I may find I do start knitting a bit more…

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